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Our passion, knowledge, and love for motorsports is what drove us to pursue specializing in the racing industry. From GT racing, to formula cars - and from the racing facilities themselves to the racing series that bring them to life - Ikoniqa provides the following set of capabilities that, when applied to motorsports, truly put us a step above other design agencies within this sector.

Tuned to Your Liking

Motorsports is a unique industry with unique challenges for both marketers and designers alike. We understand, appreciate, and acknowledge these industry specific challenges, and possess the design tools, skill set, and know-how to address them directly for you team, facility, or series.

Core Services

Web Design

This is where our deep knowledge of business, racing, design, and branding all come together to deliver you a winning package. We aim to address your unique industry challenges, create strategic plans to advance your business through digital, and design a website that will keep you winning both in business and on the track.

Product Rendering

Rendering allows for the creation of photo-realistic imagery with little to no limitations through 3D modeling. This particular service is extremely valuable in nearly all facet of business, namely when paired with business pitch decks, presentations to potential B2B and B2C clients / customers, and also as advertising and marketing materials.

Livery Design

Unique to the motorsports industry is our ability to offer livery design. Creating a brand image is one thing, but making it scale and identify properly on a vehicle moving at 120+ mph, well that’s a special challenge. Our process is highly iterative and involved as we strive to represent your brand image and sponsor’s image both in beautiful slow-motion TV spots and at full speed on track.

Sponsorship Proposal Creation

We get it, racing is expensive, and nearly everyone relies on sponsorship to keep their car on the grid, facility in business, and series thriving. Ikoniqa specializes in creating tailored proposals and decks for drivers or teams to use in sponsorship pitches. Using our deep pool of design capabilities from 3D rendering, to graphic design, to business/marketing strategy, we work to craft beautiful, convincing, and data driven proposals so that you can focus more of your time on establishing connections with prospective clients.

Branding / Marketing + Graphics

Motorsport is defined not only by stats and data, but by speed, color, glamor, and overall brand image. We can help address nearly every area of marketing material creation from large scale hauler graphics to team business cards as Ikoniqa brings a wealth of product design and marketing experience to the table.




Our mission within the motorsports domain is to become the leader in design, marketing, branding, and web services by creating nothing short of exceptional work for our clients and partners.  This drive stems from our knowledge of the industry, passion for racing, and of course our unwavering love of design.

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