March 20, 2022

A Low Tech, High Impact Racing Decal - In Collaboration with FRP


Our continued involvement with the Formula Race Promotions series brings about a new piece of tech to the series, race info QR codes. For 2022, teams and drivers will have the option to receive a special QR code decal they can place on their racecars. This QR code is linked to a live database of all the relevant information a driver or a team would need both before, during, and after a race weekend. Teams and drivers will be able to register for events, check track schedules, see live track weather, check on-track results at the end of the day, and more, right in one place. No need to jump around the FRP website on your phone at the track to get info, it will all be nicely packaged and provided just a scan away.

This simple yet effective tech integration, along with FRP's soon to be launched new website, is all designed to streamline the user experience for teams and racers in the series.

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