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February 17, 2021

Download our free Race Program Planner, and see how we budget and track our team’s progress

The Ikoniqa Team

For our first ever karting blog entry, we wanted to openly distribute the documents we use to budget, plan, and track our karting efforts (free download below), as well as share our first update.

About the Race Program Planner

The Race Program Planner is a simple yet effective tool we built to track our sponsorship out-reach progress that also correlates the results of our progress to a season schedule/budget. We have both an Excel and a Numbers version too for all you Mac users out there. You'll notice we pre-filled a lot of info, based off a mid-level racing effort somewhere between the costs of a Miata Cup season and a F1600 season, but you'll of course tailor it to your own championship expenses and schedule. Of course, feel free to add more content and features to it as well. We wanted to ultimately make this document a solid foundation on which you could build out your own racing plan. Hope this document helps organize your own racing efforts!

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Karting Program Update

As of mid-January, we’ve been reaching out to business of all sizes and industries and starting dialogs to see if we may help grow their business through motorsports and the services our business already offers. When we scout for businesses who may be a good fit, we’re looking for companies that may stand to benefit from playing in the karting realm in some capacity, as well as businesses that may also benefit from our services alone (karting aside). In our long list of people we’re reaching out to, we hope to find a select few businesses that overlap with both of these segments, namely because we’ll have the best chance to generate the largest return on investment for said group. We've garnered a decent amount of interest thus far, and we hope to publish the results of some of our first conversations and methods later this month, or in early March. Stay tuned!