February 23, 2021

ICM Designs & Ikoniqa team up to design the livery of Dark Horse Racing’s Factory 5 GTM machine for 2021

Samuel Pawlak

We don’t usually create blog posts out of the projects themselves, but this one was such a perfect storm when it came to initiating, purpose, execution, and delivery that we felt we had to make a piece out of it.

Not long after we moved into 2021, Dark Horse Racing driver, team owner, and military air force pilot BP reached out to us to inquire about having a livery designed for their Factory 5 GTM which would be running in the Trans Am series later this year.

For those unfamiliar with the team, “Dark Horse Racing is made possible through the help of everyone from Army combat veterans, to former Naval Aviators, and members of the United States Air Force. Since the early 2000's, Dark Horse Racing has worked to raise awareness for the opportunities available to disabled veterans as well as assist Veteran charities.”

After discussing the project parameters, we weren’t sure whether or not this was a project we could afford to take on at first. However, Dark Horse Racing’s work and dedication to wounded veterans made this a project I personally wanted to be a part of, especially as someone whose grandparents were WWII Army and Air Force veterans themselves.

By complete coincidence, Isken Cosip, Founder and Creative Director of ICM Designs, had reached out just a few days prior to inquire about doing graphic work with Ikoniqa. With this project at the forefront of my thoughts at the time, I immediately reached back out to Isken to see if we could potentially put something together for Dark Horse Racing. At this point, we determined Ikoniqa was going to take this one on with the goal of simply breaking even if it meant we could be a part of this project. A short couple of phone calls later, and with approval from team owner BP, Isken and I had everything in place to get this project rolling. In the process, and again by complete coincidence, I learned Isken’s brother was also an active Air Force pilot, making this an even more fitting endeavor than we could have imagined.

The Project:

Our project kicked off with a quick discovery session as we defined what the livery could be. There were only two set in stone requirements from the team before we began. The car definitely needed to utilize the classic Betsy Ross American flag, while also paying tribute to the U.S. Military through the use of camo. Using reference imagery, including everything from the rear tail section of a modern American Airlines 747, to the popular MSR Independence Day Acura GTD’s by David Marek, Isken began extrapolating upon these elements to wrap the team’s Factory 5 GTM.

Over the next few weeks, Isken worked to produce the following livery, a piece which utilizes the abstraction of our country’s flag, intertwined appropriately with military camo, and with plenty of open real estate to spare for potential sponsors as well. We cannot wait to see on the grid later this year. Expect to also see this livery live into the future as Dark Horse Racing plans to transcribe an updated iteration onto the body the next gen Factory 5 in 2022.

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