January 12, 2021

Ikoniqa is going racing! Our budget is $0.00, and we've never done anything like this before, so you'll definitely want to follow along!


Yup, that’s right. We’re formalizing our own racing program, and practicing what we preach. However, this is going to be the most unusual racing program you’ve ever seen...because as of writing this, it doesn’t exist. In fact, it’s not even close to existing. Our racing program at this point is nothing more than a new webpage and a challenge we’re holding ourselves to. Our goal is to run an entire racing season in the pro-karting ranks, turn a profit for the team solely through sponsorship, and share the process of exactly how we pull it off with all of you (Or maybe you’ll watch us fail miserably).

We plan to be 100% transparent with everything along the way. That includes what we offer prospective sponsors, how we reach out to them, what are cold emails look like, how many rejects we get, and how we build tailored marketing and sponsorship packages to support our efforts.

Our number one goal at the end of the day with this program is to help educate and inspire younger racers who are climbing the ranks. So even if this program doesn’t come to fruition, we’ll at least have a solid “How not to start a racing career” mega blog for everyone to learn from.

And if by chance you’re a potential future sponsor reading this and you’d like more information on how you can play a part in this program and ultimately benefit from partnering with us, feel free to contact us via the link box at the bottom of this blog. Even if the partnership isn’t monetary in nature, or we determine it’s not a great fit, our dialog, with your permission to publish it, will help drivers see a side of the industry people never get to see.  

So, race 1 is fast approaching, and we’ve got a lot of work to do. We plan to post weekly and/or bi-weekly blogs detailing our progress as we move along. Stay tuned! For the most up to date news, follow us (@Ikoniqa) on both Instagram and LinkedIn.

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