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July 13, 2021

Ikoniqa + Yellow Images – Curating Motorsports Mock-Ups for your Next Sponsorship Deck or Marketing Materials


We’re excited to now be a source for mock-ups by Yellow Images, a leading producer of high-quality Photoshop based mock-ups. Check out our Motorsport Resources page as we’ve added a all new section dedicated to the brand, featuring a curated set of motorsports themed mock-ups for teams and racers and use in their marketing materials, sponsorship proposals, info decks, social media, and more!


For those who may not be aware of the term, mock-ups are generally un-branded images of, in the case of motorsports, your race car, race bike, helmet, race suit, and other marketing assets. Their unbranded and pre-packaged Photoshop file format from Yellow Images allows you to purchase and tailor these mock-ups in proposals for your sponsors, partners, or just asa way create marketing content for your team.


We first became aware of the Yellow Images brand through Sean Bull's Instagram, one of the most popular and highly regarded livery designers around. Beyond the many motorsports themed mock-ups they offer, Yellow Images also provides thousands of other mock-ups that can be used across a wide array of scenarios.


In our case, we used Yellow Image’s F1 Helmet mock-up when we initially designed Pawlak’s kart racing helmet. And speaking of Ikoniqa Racing, our kart team, you’ll also spot the Yellow Images branding on our side-pods and right-front nasa-panel for the remainder of the F-Series GearUp Championship.  In the first two weeks alone, we've already seen dozens of downloads of our motorsports deck. Now, you can use our Yellow Images link to browse and purchase all the mock-ups you’ll ever need for it. All proceeds we get go straight towards our kart racing team as a supporting sponsor of the team.

Motorsports Resource Page