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November 11, 2020

Introducing Powered by Ikoniqa - A Marketing and Design Subscription Service for Motorsports

The Ikoniqa Team

Ikoniqa is excited to introduce its “Powered by Ikoniqa” program, a first of its kind subscription based marketing and design program tailored exclusively to the racing industry. Phase 1 of this launch introduces our Driver focused Program.

Our goal with the Driver Program is to educate, prepare, and provide the tools and resources necessary for drivers at all levels to become a driver companies want to work with. What differentiates Ikoniqa’s Driver Program from a typical sports management program is our “pay as you go” monthly subscription model, as well as our suite of design capabilities that we can place behind a driver. This then makes us a unique hybrid of both a sports management agency and a brand agency.

Lastly, and for the first time, we’ve decided to be completely transparent in our pricing for this program. Normally, agencies never openly share prices due to the fact that they typically charge based on value provided, not time spent (giving each project a unique price tag). For contract projects, we still operate in this manner. However, the system we’ve put in place for the Driver Program has allowed us to openly post pricing for the first time. We felt posting prices will along prospective customers to more readily see the value in a service, and easily calculate their own return on investment.

The Driver program will go into effect starting today, November 11th, and will be accepting applicants year-round. However, for the first 4 months, we’re capping applicants at just five drivers so we have time to scale with our client base without sacrificing on the quality of our work. We’ll certainly let the community at large know if/when this changes.

Check out the Driver Program in much greater detail via the link below, and stay tuned for Phase 2 of “Powered by Ikoniqa” with the introduction of our Racing Team Program - Coming next week!

Powered By Ikoniqa Program