November 30, 2021

Motorsports Marketing - the Remix will Outperform an Original Every Time

Samuel Pawlak

In marketing, 99 out of 100 times, the remix will outperform an original. But what do we mean by this rule?


The idea for this particular post (as with most) came from conversations had early in the year with prospective clients as we discussed their plans and strategies for the 2021 season. Through these discussions, I noticed many people were trying to go above and beyond with some really amazing sounding marketing plans (on paper), but in reality they also had a high probability of suffering from having way too many immeasurable variables. Here’s the solution…


This principal is actually quite simple, but also overlooked all too often by teams and drivers who try and conceive of marketing programs that are far too complex. Trying to come up with a unique and original marketing strategy introduces a lot of variables, assuming you do not have the budget to test your results repeatedly over a long enough time span to know what aspects are working and which ones aren’t.


Think of it from the standpoint of car setup. You wouldn’t try to nail down a unique setup for a track you’ve never been to prior to arriving. You’d borrow setup data from competitors or teammates, and then tweak their setup to suit your driving style after having turned an adequate number of laps.


The same principle holds true in marketing. Rather than trying to conceive of a completely original marketing strategy for your sponsors, or for yourself, use simple and successful past marketing strategies so as to create a base level of certainly. Then remix those marketing strategies to suit the needs of your sponsors (or your own). This will dramatically reduce the number unknowns and variables in your plans, and lead to healthier and more predictable results long term.

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