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November 17, 2020

The Racing Team Program - Now Live | Powered by Ikoniqa

The Ikoniqa Team

Following in the path of our Driver Program, launched one week prior, the Race Team Program is the perfect tool for teams that require a broad range of quality design and marketing work at a price they can easily budget for across an entire season.

We also wanted to use this post to highlight why a team would become part of Ikoniqa’s Race Team Program vs starting projects one at a time. In our experience in working with teams across multiple series, we've found their marketing budgets are either non-existent, or very sporadic in nature. Only until you reach the upper echelons of the sport do we see proper marketing budgets laid out, and in most cases those teams have full time staff working solely on the teams marketing and branding efforts.

With our Race Team Program, we wanted to bring the same capability and strength large teams have to small and medium sized teams (think teams in US F4, GT4, LMP3, and slightly larger teams in FR, and the GT3 ranks). With the Race Team Program, you get all the benefits of a full time marketing hire but at a much more affordable rate, and with the ability to grow, scale back, or cancel your program at any time. And because we're horizontally integrated within motorsports, we can handle nearly all of your marketing and design needs in one place.

Services Offered in the Race Team Program include:

Team Branding

Sponsorship Proposal Creation

Design & Business Consulting

Web Design + Hosting + Support

See these offerings in more detail here

Think of our Race Team program as a full time marketing arm for your team that you as the team owner can tap into at any time.

The most obvious benefit of our program, compared to starting individual projects one at a time, is you no longer need to deal with quotes or contracts. We're very transparent with our pricing, and we lay out exactly what you get for that price, allowing teams to more effectively budget for an entire season as well.

Last but not least, we’re also open to sponsorship opportunities with teams we work with in exchange for a lower price. We recognize the advantages sponsorship can bring when done correctly, and welcome such discussions.

Think this program might be a good fit for your team? Fill out our qualifying form and schedule a free consultation via the link button below. We look forward to seeing if we can help out!

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