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2022 Ferrari Concept Livery Design

Livery Design | Rendering

The following concept was created internally by Ikoniqa as we envision what Ferrari's 2022 Formula 1 challenger could look like. Inspiration for the livery was taken heavily from Ferrari's 2006 248, and our interpretation is meant to be a revival of this style with modern sponsors and graphic elements.  

This livery also took inspiration from Ferrari's 1992 F92 A in its use of yellow to highlight the Shell branding on the rear wing. This continued division of brands across the body, whether through color or positioning, lets the bodywork shine through with in its signature red palate.

One additional sponsor we decided to include which is not currently associated with motorsports is BlockFi. As more and more F1 teams see blockchain related partners such as Crypto.com with Aston Martin and Tezos with Redbull, we thought Blockfi (or similar business) with Ferrari in 2022 was a likely outcome.

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