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David Land | Battle at the Brickyard

Livery Design | Sponsorship | Product Rendering

Ikoniqa had the pleasure of working with and sponsoring the popular motorsports YouTube personality David Land for the Battle at the Brickyard USAC kart race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, 2020. Beyond getting our company logo on Land's kart, Ikoniqa had the opportunity to work with David directly in designing the kart's livery as well.

Most projects of this nature take around 3-5 weeks to complete. In the case of this project though, we had just one week to go from a blank canvas to a full livery with multiple sponsors requiring representation and a sign-off. So, we kicked the project off with an expedited design process in mind by presenting multiple livery iterations and renderings. In what was quite a high speed process, we refined and modified the livery per feedback from all involved through David as new sponsors came on board mid-project. After one week of this quick back and forth, we had the final design approved by all involved. The final product represented Ikoniqa in it's signature teal and black color-way, all secondary sponsors, and most importantly was easily and quickly produceable by the race shop's vinyl department.

Photography by RacingNationTV

Kart prepped by Cuthberston Racing

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