white ikoniqa logo wordmark

Ellie Cosmetics

Branding | Packaging Design | UI | Logo Design

Ellie Cosmetics was an internal study by Ikoniqa in packaging design, logo design, and the branding of a business and product. We also touched on a concept user interface for this business website as well.

Ellie's logo takes a bold, high-contrast approach that also walks the line between being a logo and a word-mark. Given the logos most common location is on small to medium size packaging, we wanted to make sure the thicker text line weight was easily identifiable as an Ellie product from a distance. What really sets it apart though is the marks ability to be identified at any direction with ease (it can even be read up-side down).

The Ellie Cosmetics project and all associated imagery and assets are owned exclusively by Ikoniqa. Imagery and designs may not be used or reproduced without the authorized consent of Ikoniqa. If interested in licensing this brand, please contact us via the email form on the contact page of this website.

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