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Formula Race Promotions

Web Transcription & Management | Data Management | Working Partner & Sponsor

Formula Race Promotions (FRP) is the East Coast's premiere hosting body for formula car racing.

For Ikoniqa, what began as a working design/tech partnership evolved into a partnering sponsor for Ikoniqa with FRP. Our work began with a website transcription and migration to a more modern web platform. At this time, the site’s design and layout is similar to it’s previous version (built in 2007). However, the underlying framework and CMS was completely re-built to make the transfer of event derived data, news articles, and photos as seamless as possible both for Ikoniqa as web managers and FRP staff.

Whether we’re in attendance at series events, or working remotely, we’ve setup digital systems to quickly move information from the fall of the checkered flag to the front page of the website. Post race news articles are written and created exclusively by RTD Media, who we have the pleasure of working with in seamlessly transcribing and publishing their series’ content.

Ikoniqa also helps FRP in managing the digital availability of assets such as race results data, schedules, and sign-up forms, and much more. We move quick to keep all information up to date and publicly available for teams and drivers to use, as well as archival data from past seasons.

And lastly, Ikoniqa not only acts as an in-house design service and consultant to FRP, but is also a supporting sponsor of the series as well. This means you’ll see our fluorescent teal box logo on all FRP race cars, as well as on the podium. We also have the pleasure of attending select races throughout the season to meet with teams and drivers, allowing us to ultimately help grow and advance the series as a whole.

For more information on FRP, see the link below, and be sure to follow them on social media @formularacepromotions (twitter @formularaceprom)

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