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Offi & Co.

Branding | UI + UX | Logo Update

Founded in 1997, Offi is a designer furniture retailer based out of Corning, NY. Offi, as well as several of its designers, have won prestigious awards for furniture design as the business has launched over 100 new products in the last ten years. For the first time in its 23 year history, the business undergoes a rebranding on the website front, as well as a logo design update.

Offi's rebranding began with designing a new color palette. Offi's brand has always excentuated a welcoming and playful aesthetic. This new color palette combines the softer yellow and blue tones with the logo's new bold orange / navy combo to contrast.

Offi's new website, although previewed here, is still in development with its official debut currently TBA.

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