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SPYKR Motor Oil

Branding | Livery Design | Product Rendering | Logo Design

SPYKR Motor Oil was an internal concept project by Ikoniqa. This project was two pronged in that it involved designing a branded product and integrating it as a title sponsor of a racing team.

SPYKR Motor Oil positions itself as a high performance product. The associated logo also portrays a spike moving through the text, an example of literal design language. The spike, with no surrounding text, also acts as a identifying mark for the brand.

We also wanted to incorporate team sponsorship into the SPYKR brand through a fictional McLaren GT3 team. For the purpose of this study, we transcribed SPYKR’s entire brand, which at the time had only communicated effectively on a oil bottle, and appropriately scaled it to work across an entire car and team equipment without losing their brand’s identity.

The Spykr Motor Oil project and all associated imagery and assets are owned exclusively by Ikoniqa. Imagery and designs may not be used or reproduced without the authorized consent of Ikoniqa. If interested in licensing this brand, please contact us via the email form on the contact page of this website.

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