𝘿𝙚𝙛. ī-kŏnĭ-kă
Noun: The Art of Iconic.

Ikoniqa was founded by designers Samuel Pawlak and Joshua Long in Historic Lancaster City, Pennsylvania in 2018. Today, the company is headed primarily by Pawlak and a small but dedicated team of designers and marketing professionals who all share the same love for racing as our clients.

Whether you're an up and coming driver, a well established racing series, or a company that plays a role in motorsport, our creative team is here to listen, strategize, and ultimately execute on your business goals.

Our mission within motorsports is to educate and inspire the racing community while becoming a leading digital agency in the space by creating nothing short of exceptional work for our clients and partners.  This drive stems from our knowledge of the industry, passion for design and marketing, and of course our unwavering love of racing.