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The Business of Racing

We’ve taken the custom presentation decks designed for our clients and turned them into products you can now download for free for use in your own racing and business endeavors. Custom deck design is no longer offered as a service from us except for current clients or clients looking to use presentations to close or capture high value (high 6 / 7+ figure) opportunities.

Motorsports Sponsorship Info Deck

  • For use by both Teams & Racers
  • Designed to help effectively communicate your value
  • Includes real world examples for referencing
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  • What you're getting in this Product:
    You're getting a pre-built, vetted, and proven presentation deck template tailored to the motorsports domain. We’ve taken the custom presentation decks designed for our clients and turned them into products you can now purchase for use in your own racing and business endeavors. This deck will save you dozens of hours trying to layout and design your own deck from scratch, while also aiding in the areas of communication, graphics, and overall brand perception.

  • The Purpose of this Deck
    The true purpose of this deck is to clearly and succinctly communicate your value to a prospective business or individual. The graphical style of this deck is very minimalistic but well balanced so as not to detract from the substance. Many believe that decks like this should be graphically heavy and visually stimulating, but trust us as designers, graphics don't sell sponsorship, clear communication and well thought out marketing plans sell sponsorship.

  • What You Need to Extract the Most Performance from this Deck:
    You will need a few high quality images of yourself and your racing machine in order to build out a solid deck. Though not required, we also recommend purchasing / using a custom font of your choosing - we recommend which ones to use within the product itself.

  • Q: Will this product open and work with Google Slides? 
    A: Yes, it will indeed. You may notice some very subtle formatting differences between the raw PPT. version and the GS version.

  • Q: Can this deck be fully modified/edited once downloaded? 
    A: Yes, and we walk you through how best to modify it, however, you also have free reign to edit this deck as you see fit.

  • Q: Can I also use this deck for school projects, business pitches, or other non-motorsports related activities? 
    A: Certainly! You may want to retool it beforehand, but the basic principles we adhere to in this deck are applicable to a wide array of use cases, and you're more than welcome to re-purpose this product for non-racing related projects or activities.

  • Q: What format is this deck available in? 
    A: Currently, this deck is only available as a PowerPoint file. However, we'll work to make an InDesign powered version as well for the more graphically inclined user like ourselves if/when we receive enough demand.

  • Q: How well do I need to know Power Point in order to create my own deck from this template? 
    A: We recommend you have at least a basic understanding of how PowerPoint works. Experience using similar programs such as Keynote and Google Slides will also suffice.

  • Legal Notice:
    This document and the contents herein may not be reproduced, re-distributed, licensed, or re-sold without the authorized written consent of Ikoniqa LLC.

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