September 6, 2022

Ikoniqa Now Offering its Motorsports Design, Branding, and Marketing Services Globally


After nearly four years of operating exclusively in the US and Canadian market, Ikoniqa Motorsports Studio will be expanding its service reach, opening the door for us to work with new teams, series, circuits, and performance brands globally from here onwards.

This decision comes after receiving numerous inquiries from outside the US / Canada over the last few years but having to politely decline due to our locality, lack of knowledge on EU/AU compliance, and how busy the North American market alone was keeping us. However, the studio’s taken the time to set up seamless international payments, as well as learn GDPR requirements to remain compliant with the non-US local data laws in our design and digital practices.

North American is home to some amazing forms of motorsports. However, Ikoniqa’s client base has always been more Eurocentric in the type of racing they participate in. By offering our services globally, we open ourselves up to everything from the V8 Supercars and the S5000 series in Australia to the ELMS and Porsche Supercup in Europe, and to global series such as F2 / F3 and the WEC.

Since we don’t have an international phone line, we’ll be relying on Zoom and email for international conferences and communications. You will also find our official global hours of operation too on our updated contact page based on your locale. All projects will be quoted and settled in USD for the time being. If you have any remaining questions regarding international services, you can always reach out to us at

We look forward to hearing from and working alongside some amazing new teams, performance brands, racing series, circuits, and racers from all around the world moving forward!

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