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A Pro Karting Program
A Marketing Program
A Real Time Exercise in the Business of Racing



Chassis + Engine:



TaG 125


S. Pawlak

Practicing What We Preach

Our number one goal with this program is to help educate and inspire younger racers who are climbing the ranks by running the team 100% off of sponsorship we obtain, and then openly documenting/blogging on exactly how we secured and implemented said sponsorship such that others may be able replicate and learn from our success (or maybe failure...we haven't exactly done anything like this before). We're going to be totally transparent in who we partner with, what our sponsorship entails, what our running costs are, and how big of a profit we turn for the team as we aim not only to meet our budget, but to surpass it! No pay drivers, no outside funding, just a passion for racing and some marketing know-how.

Check our racing blog below for the latest info!

Although a full season of professional karting isn't nearly as expensive as a typical mid-tier formula car or GT budget, we reckon that if we can produce results at the lowest levels of racing that have little to no public exposure, we have no doubt we can scale our results to work in larger series in the future.

Ikoniqa's Racing Blog

The Break Even Point

Below is our live status bar showing how close we are to hitting our race budget through sponsorship. This budget includes the cost of a new racing kart, all the required gear, a trailer, travel costs, and entry fees. Our goal is to turn a profit, so we'll have to not only hit, but surpass the 15K mark.


Sponsor 1

Sponsor 2

Sponsor 3

Sponsor 4


New Racing Kart Chassis + Engine


Required Gear such as Helmet, Suit, Gloves, etc.


Championship Season Entry Fees


Hotels, Gas, Food, Travel Costs, etc.


Small Transport Trailer, Pop-up Tent, and Tools


Total Required Funds / Break Even Point


Sponsors & Partners Thus Far...

Listed below are all of our amazing sponsors who are partnering with us to make this program a reality....Which we will post below as soon as we have some...

Championship Schedule

Pittsburgh International Race Complex

May 14th - May 16th
Wampum, Pennsylvania

New York Race Complex

July 30th - August 1st
Morristown, New York

New Jersey Motorsports Park

September 17th - September 19th
Milleville, New Jersey

Ground Rules

To make this as fair as possible, we've laid out a few key rules that we'll be playing by in order make our results as replicable as possible.

Rule 1: We cannot use Ikoniqa's company revenue to fund our efforts. Most people don't own businesses that already do business in motorsports, so our revenue from any ongoing projects we have cannot be funneled into our racing efforts.
Rule 2: Expanding upon Rule 1, Ikoniqa is allowed to be a sponsor on the kart, but any new clients or projects we acquire through this sponsorship won't count toward our racing budget.
Rule 3: All funds for our racing program must be generated through new ventures or projects whose payments are specifically put toward our racing program in exchange for value we provide back to them.