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TaG 125cc


S. Pawlak

Practicing what we Preach

Our goal is simple: win on track, and turn a profit for the program in the process. And we'll share with you exactly how we pulled both off along the way such that others can replicate our results.

Too many people, especially in the racing community, they see these two goals as non-compatible. They view racing as a pay to play sport with no return on investment. We beg to differ as we see an ocean of untapped value in front of us just waiting to be tapped into.

It's worth noting a full season karting effort isn't nearly as expensive as a typical formula car or GT budget, but if we can produce results at the lowest levels of racing that have almost no public exposure, we have no doubt we can scale our results to work in larger series.

We're going to be 100% transparent in who we partner with, what our sponsorship entails, what our running costs are, and how big of a profit we can turn.

We may be professional designers and marketers Monday to Friday, but on the weekends, we're hitting the track. For 2021, Ikoniqa is planning a full season effort in the F-Series, a popular east coast pro kart championship. Our program is currently in it's preliminary planning stages

Our goals are simple, win on-track, and turn a profit for the team in the process. These two Beyond winning on-track, our goal is to accomplish this while turning a profit for the program. partner with businesses interested in sponsoring us and provide our services in return for their support of our racing endeavors.

Ground Rules

To make this as fair as possible, we've laid out a few key rules that we'll be playing by in order make our results as replicable as possible.

Rule 1: We cannot use Ikoniqa's company revenue to fund our efforts. Most people don't own businesses that already do business in motorsports, so our revenue from any ongoing projects we have cannot be funneled into our racing efforts.
Rule 2: Expanding upon Rule 1, Ikoniqa is allowed to be a sponsor on the kart, but any new clients or projects we acquire through this sponsorship won't count toward our racing budget.
Rule 3: All funds for our racing program must be generated through new ventures or projects whose payments are specifically put toward our racing program in exchange for value we provide back to them.

Below is everything we need to purchase in order to from zero (our current state) to race ready and fully registered for a full championship season.

Racing Kart Chassis + Engine


Required Gear such as Helmet, Suit, Gloves, etc.


Championship Season Entry Fees


Hotels, Gas, Food, Misc.


Small Transport Trailer, Pop-up Tent, and Tools


Total Required Funds


The Art of Iconic

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