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Ikoniqa Studio

Ikoniqa was founded by designers Joshua Long and Samuel Pawlak in Lancaster City, PA. Our mission is to bring business driven branding and design solutions to companies through our combined experience in the fields of marketing, business, design, and strategy.

Ikoniqa’s motto - “The Art of Iconic”- defines our process. We get to know our client’s wants, needs, pain points, and desired outcomes and translate that data into content, information, technology, and design solutions that grow your business. Though quite technical in nature, we see such a process to be an art form in and of itself.

Our Capabilities


Before we design, we enjoy getting to know you. By listening intently to our clients and understanding them on a business and personal level, we then work to help you confidently define your brand, mission, end goals, and desired outcomes.


Your brand is your business’s persona and feel as interpreted by everyone else. From your company's logo to a simple brochure, step by step we work with you to translate our well defined understanding of your business into a beautiful, meaningful, and concise message across multiple mediums.


Your logo is the face of your business and one of the most important identification methods for your customers. We work to craft logos that perfectly represent your brand and scale beautifully on all applications.

Web Development

The greatest touch point of your entire business should effortlessly emulate your brand while providing a memorable user experience. We work with you to embed your business’s digital/web identity in a fashion that works across all platforms.

App Development

Designing an app is by far one of the most rigorous yet most sought after skill-sets in business today. We make the process easy by placing the interface and functionality aspect at the fore front, thereby allowing you to see and experience the app’s UI and UX before development kicks off.


Getting your business in front of the right people is just as important as having the right look and message. Ikoniqa's digital marketing capabilities will put your company at the right place at the right time, boosting your reputation and profits. Our services range from SEO, PPC, social media to email advertising.

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About the Founders

Founders Joshua Long and Samuel Pawlak, though equally passionate and driven regarding their work, have very inverse upbringings, experiences, and skill sets. However, this contrast of skills and experiences make for a balanced and nuanced approach to business - a yin and yang if you will.

Joshua Long

A central Pennsylvanian local and self taught designer, Long was the architect of Ikoniqa’s brand image. Long’s eye for visual balance and functionality in design means nothing short of beautiful, user friendly design  will be on hand. Long is also deeply involved with the digital and technical side of design, helping to build lasting digital content for our clients while educating them on the process throughout the project.

Samuel Pawlak

A graduate of Jefferson University, former designer for multiple corporations, and  passionate motorsports fan, Pawlak brings a business and design background to Ikoniqa. Though equally involved in the design work being executed, Pawlak’s 3D modeling, rendering, and business experience made for a great balance to Long’s design and technical background.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania
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