Formula Race Promotions | Rebrand

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The rebranding of the Formula Race Promotions Series (FRP) evolved the brand’s existing identity, created a visually consistent language across all domains, and added new elements to help scale their identity effectively.

FRP’s new logos, updated font set, and brand elements tied together what was previously a far more disjointed set of brand assets. The new visual identity takes queues from the aesthetics of the mid-90’s era, going so far as to utilize fonts that were published in the same time period. The series’ new family of elements both communicates more consistently while still capturing the retro essence of the series.

Going beyond the digital domain, the series’ new identity will soon occupy a wide breath of different locales.

One of the largest changes in the rebrand process was the series website, which saw both a visual transformation and a large structural change. Check out our separate portfolio piece dedicated exclusively to this aspect of their rebrand

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